Grey skies are a time to create

A time when promises are made

Rainy days are for remembering

that love, light, and God will return.

These are the days for hope and puddled reflections.

Sunny days hold obligations

forcing outdoor commitments

“If the weather’s nice…”

Sunny days are for rejoicing,

loving uninhibited, singing praise,

gratitude for the days of rest.

Blazing Bonfire

I’m watching the orange hat man in the red flannel shirt and black gloves drink beer and toss corn hole.

His game partner is more pale of skin, wearing Lions jacket and a black hat. I suspect he is a Ryan or Chad, possibly a Todd.

The lattice fence behind them holds the picket porch at arm’s length.

A burst of laughter erupts. Orange hat guy has the orange bag that he curls in circles in his hand.

When he releases the bag at the top of the arch, his hand is like a painting in a city-scape for urban happiness.

A smolder plumes lightly with the breeze that precedes the storm threatening the evening hours.

Flap-flap hat and baseball cap are covering up the fire or adding up a larger stash.

Orange hat guy lights up a smoke. He has…HOLY BLAZES of black smoke and Christmas trees!

They’re all watching it burn. The pine tar smoke rises thick with quick and danger because the speed changed.

They’re up by the garage where I sometimes pass at night.

They’re pouring more gas. I’m slightly afraid of the large tree within wind distance from their need to burn.

Flap-flap hat guy is smoking a cigarette. He has a mustache. He reminds me of my brother and his friends before the military.

Baseball hat guy wears his brim forward and sports a full beard and mustache set neatly trimmed. Probably married.

Corn hole continues. Black and orange teams throw up-handed and across board.

Black hat dude just pissed by the garage with his back to me. His shoulders shook as he finished.

Orange hat dude paraded through the back yard with a baby in pink jacket and red polka dot dress. She flew above the fence.

Cloak of Life


When I was first born, swaddled in a blanket was I

with a white cotton diaper wrapped four corner

pinned with non-fancy pink or yellow ducks (Don’t pin the baby)

plastic pants singing to my cooing grandparents.

I was cloaked in the life of infantile adoration


In most neighborhoods, much like yours or yours

there is a coming of age where you must decide

the grade of sheets you wished to slumber upon

Prison grade? Military Grade? Dorm Grade? Or

Hand-me-down childhood covered in favorite cartoons?

Cloaked in hope and ambition!


When you lay your head upon your lover’s breast

Thump-Thump! Thump-Thump! Thump-Thump!

Dreaming awake together of chronological success

House-Car-Kids! House-Car-Kids! House-Car-Kids!

D-d-divorce! (Like a trumpet)

Grow Old! (Like a lighthouse horn)

Remarry (Like “Jane, his Wife” from the Jetsons)

Don’t Worry, Die Happy (Like Bobby McFerrin who is inspiring AF)

Cloaked in life’s chaotic awe inspiring wonder (Like you)


The final shroud laid

body of dust beneath

Charon has been paid

tormented bequeathed

A soul’s end masquerade

buried in frozen heath

Grieve the mother’s serenade

laying the cloak of life’s wreath.


Do me a favor when I tell you I’m afraid?

Believe me.

I’m not one to go throwing around dark shade,

Believe me.

I’m giving you a name of the person I don’t trust.

Believe me.

I’d rather look a fool than you hear ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

Believe me.

Don’t dismiss my feelings like I don’t have a reason,

Believe me.

I’ve known who he is since I met him Christmas season.

Believe me.

He’s the reason when I walk I recite the Lord’s Prayer.

Believe me.

He’s the reason I need to know where you are to prepare.

Believe me.

I genuinely need you to hear me and believe me.



A Royal Visit


The blistering wind whistled ice upon my cheeks

the dreary, newsprint colored mountains of labored snow

tower dominion over belching, exhausted cars and trucks

I trudge in divots of icy footprints, slick with travel

As I step from the shade of the building into the lemon sun

Persephone, Queen of the Underworld, Daughter of Spring

illuminates the air in floral scented bursts of joy

She paused, face down-turned as she adjusted her boots.

Her pink-champagne hair refracting the prismatic light

She lifted her face reverently, flowers flowing from her fingers

falling from her shoulders in graceful cascades as

She stripped off winter to tie it around her waist.

She caught me staring, I hadn’t realized I’d stopped.

She grinned unabashedly as I bowed my head to her.

She strolled past me with the confidence of royalty

i bowed as lilacs trailed behind her.

Humans Hear

I’m sitting here scrolling through my feed. I’m seeing some frivolity, but mostly I’m witnessing hatred and anger towards our friends and neighbors. I’m seeing bullying from people I love. I’m seeing passive outrage at the behaviors of our legislature. I’m seeing people spreading more anger and aggression towards others.

Here’s the bottom line. Here’s MY truth.

I don’t care who you love, but that you do. I don’t care who you have “relations” with, that’s not my business. I don’t care if you want to prance around in a mankini while singing the National Anthem off key at an intersection, that’s just funny.

What I do care about is that, in our very neighborhoods, right under our “If I would have known” noses, are children going hungry, being abused, being sexually assaulted. It doesn’t seem to bother people that this happens daily as long as we can keep those damn gays from getting married.

What I do care about is that Domestic Violence has escalated with more reports happening and nobody, except the victims and a chosen few, rushes in with financial support for them because, after all, they chose to stay. After all, they probably asked for it like those Rape victims did.

What I do care about is that people are being encouraged to divide up into camps of “I hate abortions, they’re murder” to “CUT WELFARE because they shouldn’t be having that many kids if they can’t afford them.” How about the fact that Schools will allow abstinence only classes to be taught as sex education. I don’t know about you, but I was a hot blooded teenager in the day and that is not only ignorant but encouraging of bad behavior, see the beginning sentence of this paragraph.

Quit buying into the propaganda of which group is better. Look at the gay community. Look at your church community. Look at the kids in the grocery store or in schools. Look around you and realize that each and every one of these creatures put here for whatever reason, are humans. They are your brothers, your sisters, your mothers, your fathers, your cousins, your uncles, your second cousin three times removed on your mother’s brother’s exes side. Enough.

Humanity is worth it. Humanity is where we reach out to one another in unison. Humanity is where we quit tearing each other up for differences and start embracing it all as a part of the human condition. Bad behavior, such as stealing from the poor, the downtrodden, the ill, the elderly, the addicts, the children, can’t get rewarded any more. But the only way it will cease is if we stand united and declare the words, “NO MORE!” Not in my country. Not in my neighborhoods.

Look around you. See the beauty in the wonderful creations that are walking around, laughing, crying, mad, happy, joyful, hurting and realize they could be you at any given moment in your life. Why would you turn your back on yourself? Why would you not recognize the similarities? How could you look a hungry child in the eye and eat another mass produced heart attack? Please, my beautiful siblings of earth, love one another. Give joyfully. Stop hating that it could be you and make sure that it isn’t for someone else.