The Church Sky

Pistachio, Tangerine, Azure, and Fire Blossom

What flavor of holiness would be found behind those doors?

Who would lay prostrate upon the prayer matted floors?

Could you lay down your weapons as if you were sore

rejecting all violence against those who’re po’or

Would the doors open outwards with sweeping embraces?

Did you hear the call to prayer staring out at your faces?

Where do your feet run to at such furious paces

Suit up and move in to glory’s good graces.

Evening Drive

the mustang muscles

its way up the hill

Revs past the

Second hand drinkers

Tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock

That felt like limericks

But tasted like limes

The color hunter green arrow

Green arrow

Or spring leaf

or envious Kermit

or shambles of zombies

This ride is taking

A length

of extraordinary time

Skipping music like rock(s)

Or The Stones

or cowboy lasso

Contributing artist: Eric B. Bishop

These Are My People: Lorraine Couch

Lorraine the Warrior Queen, multi-media, canvas SOLD

Pull up a pew, step up to the pulpit

Church with Lorraine is true; no bullshit

She’ll dip you in baptismal waters

Correct our sons, respect our daughters

She a woman of God fearing faith

a warrior healer with a transcendent face

She kneels to no one and you’d better be true

Because she doesn’t care who you are

but she knows what you do.

TAMP Matthew (Seth) Fox

This young man died on January 6th of 2020. He was my "future husband" and as best friend to Matthew McBee, a true blue all the way. He was 24.
Matthew Caine (Seth) Fox

Your hair should be gray

when they lay you to rest

not dark on your brow

with a babe on your chest

What brings me awakened;

startled upright in the dark

‘Tis only the dawn becoming

on the lilt of morning larks

They promise a new day

frigid with winter’s chill

To rest you in the January earth

upon that hallowed hill