The Traveling Heart

My soul was lost, floundering without purpose

Gypsy feet wandered human nature

The Sedona Red Rocks of Arizona

Showed me the intense beauty of desert isolation

Reflecting my sun glared eyes

Sunburned skin – husk of an old life shed

Revelation of the raw and openly scored spirit

My feet turned towards the forest loam

I walk deeply, mindfully, into the Ponderosa stand,

Dripping regrets onto needles that violate

My feet and legs, creating a tenderness

That feels like Christmas morning

I climbed mountains to witness the freedom

Of flight

But found the rocks resistant to my wings

Forbidding me entrance;

With courage forged in the fires of trauma

I ascended.

Flinging myself into the swirl of eddies

That couldn’t hold me

I plummeted into the icy, unforgiving river

Where I forded from embankment to water’s edge

Directionally challenged as I

I fight against the rushing waters

Until I’m exhausted and finally relent

To the inevitable flash flood of grief

It washes me onto the shores

Of the roiling ocean waves

Under a full moon gleaming

In sacred silence

I left immediate footprints of ideas,

Beliefs, and yet more solitude of a different depth

The winds of change hurricaned me east

Lessons abandoned, like me,

At the foot of the Great Smokey Mountains

Phoenix-like, I refused my ashes

Reconstituting in my power

Hear me, my friends, those who feel outside

Those who feel forgotten or invisible,

Those who feel created to endure tribulations

Those who arrive precisely on time

Into my company: exhausted, panting, sweating

Sopping in voracious victory

With reciprocal love we bond

Dancing with wild abandon


Pressing our heartbeats together

In loving embraces

With you I’ve found my way home.

White & Colorful

I murder In vivid color

Slashing sprays serpentine

Slices sickly slabbed

Not a simply white crime

A disastrous catastrophe

Blows the mind

Screams of loudest colors

Resonate until the joke ends


Bleed a second hand version

Of real consequence

The gray

Mare Martell

(Verse One)

Don’t cry to me of imagined slights

Don’t fill my ears with dramatic fights

You wear your crooked crown based on obfuscated lies

Terrified to pack up your own desecration’s prize



(Verse Two)

Wash your hands of every wish you made

Pack them in the old musty suitcase

Load it up and remember where you could have been lost

Break open the latches, rusty locks at what high cost?



Take a turn on reality’s wheel

Won’t you tell me how you feel

Even though it’s hard to let things go

Nobody wants tickets…to your show.


(Verse Three)

There is nothing to be done your bones

You must choose your adventure alone

Cascading fury of your self-righteous self-loathing

Stripping down naked of your emotional clothing


Take a turn on reality’s wheel

Won’t you tell me how you feel

Even though…

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Happy Nude Rear!

Here we are at the arbitrary starting line

wrinkling our noses, squinting our eyes

trying to make sense out of life, we vow

temporary compliance with high hopes

and even higher expectations

grasping desperately to achieve the loftiest intention

until we realize, change happens, regardless;

only with work can it be the change we want


I keep looking for health with the very doctors who have mutilated my body as much as I have.

Broken bodies reflecting careless youth, poor choices, and forgotten immortality

Tsk! Tsk! Bless your heart! Pledging false tittie allegiance to St. Dolly, while cursing her costumes as bras.

OVERHEARD: He has all the awareness of a goldfish in a bowl.

Ornament stories ring in the Yuletide gay; laughter punctuated with comfortable joshing and jeering like siblings home for the holidays.

Power UP!

There’s a stirring of the cauldron

There’s a turning of the wheel

Phoenix eternally called upon

their secrets to reveal

Humming power from ancient lore

Ascend again, wings born to soar

Thrust of hip, rise of breast

Come my power at my behest

The clock has passed the witching hour

The stars shoot through the night

Return to me my birthright power

My eyes be granted truth in sight