Obedient Dogs

I get patted on the head,

“There, there, who’s the good girl?”

Happy am I to take less care,

be less of a pest,

than the obedient dogs that sit at master’s feet

But I’m the one who pisses on the rug

“That rug really tied the room together.”

then lies about the puddle

So I’ve been shown by nosy newspapers

“This aggression will not stand, man.”

That little girl

That little girl under the table

that little girl under the table

scratching at knees as a mosquito might

pestering annoyingly enough;

but she’s not.

that little girl under the table

she’s not grown out of it

because she never left (even though she did)

Once in anger, once bereft,

grafting failure to achieve

something withered from the roots

Blood, not her blood, embraced her

brought her Polaroids of family blessed

as blissed as deeply remembered it to be

created in Tunes of resonant harmonies

The only home she wasn’t

that little girl under the table

who begged for scraps of affection

but the dogs eat faster, less furiously,

less needy than

that little girl under the table.

Releasing that

Don’t expect me to feel guilty having the morals of a man

Don’t expect me to feel ashamed when I’m doing the best I can

Don’t expect me to carry your burden while you cast the evil eye

Don’t call me friend to my face when you’re not at all my ally

Don’t smile at me with tight lipped politeness

with venomous fangs dripping with kindness

“Boys will be boys” and other lies told

The patriarchy I refuse to uphold

Release my power from that which holds back

Allow my anger! Encourage my wrath!

Temper me only when justice is served

Allowing peace the love deserved.

The Blessing of Venus

I’ve absolved myself of sin

of treating my body as a man’s

loving whomever I desired

again and again and again.

There is no shame between these thighs.

Sighs the ecstasy of night

Breaks the silence with Goddess song

Venus’ blessing; my kiss prolonged

Beckoning divine delights