I catch glimpses of you

A shoulder, a curl, a breath too late

Your voice, your giggle, your words are out of phase

Caught between then and now

The period of absence bloody birthed

Stolen flesh from my bone littered closet

Sweaty puddles of youthful immortality

Repugnant realization of lost redemption

The battle is held with mild reservation

Weary from our lack of alignment


How is it possible to hug a knife?

Point side to heart side

Words offering unity while quick to slice

Dividing us vs. them; we against pride

Fervent assurances that the blood is blue

While rejection, ostracism, and denial ring true

Nobody lives here. Nobody dares

Return away, retreat a way over there

There is no inclusion, no balance be found

Teetered the toddler, we all fall down