Nostalgia for the future

I can breathe again, I set down my roots

deep into the earth until my fingernails are soiled

with dirt, bones, blood, tears; all tributes

to the courage I must engage for I am despoiled

But to breathe again the air of freedom wild

To eclipse the darkness with the light

deeply engrained fears; reconciled

I am blessed with wisdom despite

the depth of love’s been bridal-ed

but the groom had left the stable

the devil’s hands are idled

divorced/split; the legendary fable


What gift is found in your suffering?

What light is it you’re offering?

What is lost is gone from your sight,

But welcomed still on the other side

Adversity has no welcome here

Take deep breaths to dry your tears

Let go! Let go! It is in your power

though the grief taste thick and sour

Sorrow never really goes away

it merely transforms you every day.


I have lived among the sinners

I have loved among the saints

I have stood my ground for justice

I have been someone I ain’t.

I have dreamed of life’s Utopia

I have painted with the paints

I have danced upon the shores

I have exulted with my haints.

I have embraced my demons

I have laughed without constraint

I have juggled every season’s wheel

I have made joy and love acquaint