Not Old Enough

Turbulent Life

I won’t mourn you while you’re still here making choices;

choices of where you’ll breathe last when the time comes

decisions that are yours, and only yours, to make. Always.

I will, however, laugh with you until you can’t any more.

I will support your choices, defending your life at its last.

You’re not old enough to go, but I know that’s not up to us.

I won’t mourn you while you’re here, but I will love you,

my friend, brother to my sister-in-heart, brother of my brother.

Nobody home

All my old haints are gone

The mem’ries still linger

I can show them I’ve won

But they’ll be ever ginger

Of believing and buying again

This deli counter binger

Too much body armor on

For the paper cut, on this, my finger