A Royal Visit


The blistering wind whistled ice upon my cheeks

the dreary, newsprint colored mountains of labored snow

tower dominion over belching, exhausted cars and trucks

I trudge in divots of icy footprints, slick with travel

As I step from the shade of the building into the lemon sun

Persephone, Queen of the Underworld, Daughter of Spring

illuminates the air in floral scented bursts of joy

She paused, face down-turned as she adjusted her boots.

Her pink-champagne hair refracting the prismatic light

She lifted her face reverently, flowers flowing from her fingers

falling from her shoulders in graceful cascades as

She stripped off winter to tie it around her waist.

She caught me staring, I hadn’t realized I’d stopped.

She grinned unabashedly as I bowed my head to her.

She strolled past me with the confidence of royalty

i bowed as lilacs trailed behind her.

Humans Hear

I’m sitting here scrolling through my feed. I’m seeing some frivolity, but mostly I’m witnessing hatred and anger towards our friends and neighbors. I’m seeing bullying from people I love. I’m seeing passive outrage at the behaviors of our legislature. I’m seeing people spreading more anger and aggression towards others.

Here’s the bottom line. Here’s MY truth.

I don’t care who you love, but that you do. I don’t care who you have “relations” with, that’s not my business. I don’t care if you want to prance around in a mankini while singing the National Anthem off key at an intersection, that’s just funny.

What I do care about is that, in our very neighborhoods, right under our “If I would have known” noses, are children going hungry, being abused, being sexually assaulted. It doesn’t seem to bother people that this happens daily as long as we can keep those damn gays from getting married.

What I do care about is that Domestic Violence has escalated with more reports happening and nobody, except the victims and a chosen few, rushes in with financial support for them because, after all, they chose to stay. After all, they probably asked for it like those Rape victims did.

What I do care about is that people are being encouraged to divide up into camps of “I hate abortions, they’re murder” to “CUT WELFARE because they shouldn’t be having that many kids if they can’t afford them.” How about the fact that Schools will allow abstinence only classes to be taught as sex education. I don’t know about you, but I was a hot blooded teenager in the day and that is not only ignorant but encouraging of bad behavior, see the beginning sentence of this paragraph.

Quit buying into the propaganda of which group is better. Look at the gay community. Look at your church community. Look at the kids in the grocery store or in schools. Look around you and realize that each and every one of these creatures put here for whatever reason, are humans. They are your brothers, your sisters, your mothers, your fathers, your cousins, your uncles, your second cousin three times removed on your mother’s brother’s exes side. Enough.

Humanity is worth it. Humanity is where we reach out to one another in unison. Humanity is where we quit tearing each other up for differences and start embracing it all as a part of the human condition. Bad behavior, such as stealing from the poor, the downtrodden, the ill, the elderly, the addicts, the children, can’t get rewarded any more. But the only way it will cease is if we stand united and declare the words, “NO MORE!” Not in my country. Not in my neighborhoods.

Look around you. See the beauty in the wonderful creations that are walking around, laughing, crying, mad, happy, joyful, hurting and realize they could be you at any given moment in your life. Why would you turn your back on yourself? Why would you not recognize the similarities? How could you look a hungry child in the eye and eat another mass produced heart attack? Please, my beautiful siblings of earth, love one another. Give joyfully. Stop hating that it could be you and make sure that it isn’t for someone else.


It’s been six months since I almost died

When my friend came to visit me

For the first time in my adult life

Someone else colored me in

She painted my toenails bright purple

It made me cry

She was the only one besides my parents

The only one to see me vulnerable

She didn’t blink.

It’s been six months

Every little piggie is naked

But not the one that went to market

Chipped, narrowed, and shortened

That big toe holds on to that one day

When it looked it’s best going to the market

A day I didn’t die

Lady Diane

The icy wail bit deep into the bones

reassuring, in a way, eternally

that there was no one else as alone

standing glacial; uncertainly

the clump of frigid earth thrown

on consecrated soul made saintly

Final words to me are known,

“I love you! I love you, Mary!” stated plainly

For you the martyr’s flag will be flown

Ever loving, in slumber’s peace ever held gently.

Winter Mile

There are roads to travel that go on for quite a while

but there are none that go on for quite as long as that

of a Winter Mile

When the light has wrung the last drop from dark beguiled,

there are none quite as somber bespoke as that

of a Winter Mile

Warmest sleep of children deep in coverlet dreaming wild

no safer haven of a lover’s wish be true than that

of a Winter Mile