Wishing you back to life
Grief holds you hostage

I wait for the dirge to play its sobbing notes of sorrow

I wish away the grief that I don’t want to swallow

And yet I’ll sit with you; your body hollow

Wishing you back to life.

I wail to the moon and stars my gypsy heart defective

My fists beat my chest; no longer your keeper protective

sending morose squalls of melancholic reflective

Wishing you back to life.

I need

I need Kawphy cuddles and peppermint kisses
I need your fingers knotted in my hair
I need to hear you moan my name in ecstasy
I need to taste your sweet juiciness
I need your heart pressed tight to my chest
I need to taste the air you breathe

I need you as my own for as many moments as I can steal from your coffers

Dying Romance

Passed away under a magnolia tree

The world went dark and quiet

So quiet

Funeral pyre ablaze on the darkened sea

The world is dark and quiet

So quiet

One half of a duo blissed in harmony

The world fell dark and quiet

So very quiet

Deer Hart

Twitch of nose; new scent

Threat? Don’t think so.

Rotation of ears, tilt of head

Sound; notes of music

Scent matches sound

Safe? Unsure?

Safety is certain

Allowing tunes to soothe

Leap! Skitter! Run?

Content in den and hearth

Walking In

I recognize love as a familiar friend

One that is steadfast in devotion,

Consecrated with integral respect

Reveling in joyous delight that leaks

Glittery magic flying circles of future spells

Weaving clothes in wild colors of sparkles

Love is an old friend of mine, wrapped tight around my heart