Jet City has no sound

The air is silent in Kairos

The relinquishing of her crown

Cascading in musical spirals

Breath and blood to waste

Abandoned without pyre’s grace

To satisfy the needy

Whom upon the corpse fell greedy

At a lightning strike’s pace

To eliminate their guilty shameful face


The silence of her choking breath

Frozen heartbeat in her chest

Absence of her hazel gaze

Retrieval cries, my fears ablaze

Blue of lip, my sister keep,

Wishing death had been less deep

Burning fingers on icy skin

Begging life return again

Return the ticking of silent heart

Reunite those not meant to part.

Growth aloud

Born as a prism of love’s reward

Shattered by holocaustic lust

The jagged kaleidoscope shards

Rearranged the tiles from dust

Creating a mosaic of magnificence 

With antiquities grown sour

Breaking open Augustin distance

Sacred moments of a striking hour