Misplaced Gate

The trees do not whisper my name in the voice of a billion stars.
The sun shadows my upturned face denying my gate
My cries of desperation, clinging to the echoing melody fall away
Dripping in autumnal colors, released from the iced earth;
A presence not present, to my dismay, but somewhere waiting to be unpacked
Unearthed from the cardboard grave where its been held hostage
By my unreasonable, childish demands, that I should not change.
The place my spirit abides is dark to me because I’ve become unplugged
I’m looking. I’m searching. I must find my outlet so my spirit can remember
So I can remember the laughter of water, the chatter of dust, my place in the Universe.

The secret of dying

I wasn’t there to kiss you our last goodbye
Instead I strained my sorrow through Egyptian cotton
I waited through your severe breathing
I waited for you to come back to me; but you slept
Deeper than my comforter
Colder than the frigid February Michigan air.
I tried to hold on to the warmth of your skin
I cheated and pressed my hand to your chilly cheek
You have left the breathing life but not mine

I treasure the Bread you gave me
I will not break it with anyone but your honor

I just need you

I don’t need roses on one day of a year.
I don’t require chocolates to compete with my peers.
When I wake in the morning from a good night of rest
Open my eyes to you whom loves me best
I know eternally from daybreak to next dawn
That it’s the little things that matter, the lyrics to our life song.
Please don’t spend money on trinkets and things
I don’t need a necklace or shiny diamond rings.
I just need your kisses, your hugs, and your arms
I just want to be with you embraced in your charms.
So please keep the chocolates and conversation hearts
Just keep walking with me, our love never part.