Organic Chicken

I wanted to build something with my brother, to create a piece of art. Since I’ve put my mind to building a flock of city chickens, I decided to keep true to my recent obsession. So, I sent him a picture of a donkey I found on Reddit, but explained how I saw my vision. He asked for a sketch which I delivered and he built my base.

In the meantime, my SIL and I went on congruent missions to make our projects come to life. I found “feathers” plus some possibilities.

When we got back to their home, my Bubby had built up the base just right.

There were a few skeptics because they couldn’t see my vision yet even with the first hours of “feathers” being applied.

Shay and I played a great game of possibility and came up with the top hat feathering technique as well as the stacked buttons for the comb and wattle.

With some river rock I completed the piece with EGGS being spelled out. From start to finish it took longer to find the decor than to build or apply it. I also got a one of a kind piece made with love by me and my family.

Designed by Mare Martell

Woodwork by David Looney II

Collaborator: Shay Looney

1 1/2′ W X 2 1/2′ H

Wood, rock, buttons, and one googly eye.

Allowable Relief

I am rising from the depths of your sorrow

I am the waves of your grief

I have heard every tear and every beg for relief.

Just as your mother has called out my name

so has her mother for they are the same.

From darkened corners their silence bereft,

The lowering of hearts into the earthen depths of death.

I rise around them as their heartbeats move on,

to greet the new morning,

the coming of dawn.