TAMP: Linda Looney speaks

She commonly licks her lips, clisp

She says, “So…and…clisp, but, clisp…whatever, clisp breathes

You know, so, clisp, we were going to use the taxes for a television.

uh…uh… clisp

necessity, oh shit! clisp…anyway, yeah-uh

clisp, I love you too, clisp, so anyway.

She giggles and sings “I do it my way!”

I have to take my pills

and set the coffee pot. clisp

Oh crap! My mind is going.”

She genuinely chuckles, clisp

Buh-bye Dear.

(I hear the capital letter of the Dear)

Middle Aged

Her crown now of silvery floss amass

Reciting rainbows like holy stained glass.

Her bones cast spells with a dip of her hips

Her confidence emblazoned on her lips

The joy of becoming the remembrance of whom

the stars chorus the beat of her womb

Red Bird

I suspected her dead

the juvenile red bird

like points on a compass

flat lined in every direction

She blinked, turned her head,

last of her lines blurred

She allowed me pass

Hastening me to genuflection

placing her gently abed

My love for her undeterred

It is her path from us

Her death in retrospection.