Organic Chicken

I wanted to build something with my brother, to create a piece of art. Since I’ve put my mind to building a flock of city chickens, I decided to keep true to my recent obsession. So, I sent him a picture of a donkey I found on Reddit, but explained how I saw my vision. He asked for a sketch which I delivered and he built my base.

In the meantime, my SIL and I went on congruent missions to make our projects come to life. I found “feathers” plus some possibilities.

When we got back to their home, my Bubby had built up the base just right.

There were a few skeptics because they couldn’t see my vision yet even with the first hours of “feathers” being applied.

Shay and I played a great game of possibility and came up with the top hat feathering technique as well as the stacked buttons for the comb and wattle.

With some river rock I completed the piece with EGGS being spelled out. From start to finish it took longer to find the decor than to build or apply it. I also got a one of a kind piece made with love by me and my family.

Designed by Mare Martell

Woodwork by David Looney II

Collaborator: Shay Looney

1 1/2′ W X 2 1/2′ H

Wood, rock, buttons, and one googly eye.

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