TRIGGER WARNING: You had no idea

By this time, I was already being taught horrible things; I was six in this picture.

By this time, I was already being taught horrible things; I was six in this picture.

I don’t think you could possibly have meant

For me to return from where I rose my ascent

I was broken, abused, nearly destroyed

All because my father didn’t want to take away my “new toy.”

I held secrets so dark that nobody could love me

Not that way, not no way, not even the slightest possibility.

At fifteen I had not recognized the horrors I’d seen

At fifteen I hadn’t even realized it was safe to breathe

Although the constant abuse had stopped a decade earlier

It didn’t take much to re-abuse me, just be a little squirrelier.

I ran around raw as if chained to a razor blade

The slightest momentum and I’d dive back into my shade

The fears that accosted me, drove me wild with anguish

It took me a quarter century, those demons to finally vanquish.

No, I don’t think you would have, if you’d known what it means

To return to the age of fragility, loss of innocence, the unclean. NaPoWriMo

2 comments on “NaPoWriMo: Fifteen TRIGGER WARNING

  1. georginamorley says:

    Oh Mare….saddened by the fact that you had no one to protect you at such a young age, but overjoyed that you found the strength to fight those demons XXX

    • Nobody knew. I didn’t tell anyone until I was 21 or 22. It feels like eons ago but I found my footing in art and writing and lots of flashlights into secret corners.

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