Love Madly

Earth, Air, Fire, Water

Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit

Let’s fall madly in love with one another.

Entwine our spirits in a magical weave of devotion,

Inhale the earth scents we have become

Absorb our joy in reciprocal rhythm of unity

Believe, as I do, that we’re stardust and oceans

Temporarily sent:

To right here, right now,

Breathing each other passionately

Taking each other like communion without the gravity of solemnity

Let’s allow ourselves to indulge so we can commune

Rolling together on grassy hills, giggling wildfires of laughter

Consuming the stars, the moon, the planets like the delicacies they are

Enriching this moment with the wishing flower’s breezy dance

Barely touching skin to earth from flying currents of jolting surprise

Let’s fall madly, deeply, forever in love.


We’ll just hold hands, hug tightly

While watching us fly the blooming skies nightly

4 comments on “Love Madly

  1. […] believe we should all fall madly in love with the world every day. No excuses, just open your eyes and fall. Even the people or things that […]

  2. JoelF says:

    Love Madly..oh gosh i did this once, nope twice, ok, several times, and what a mad man i become. 🙂 Beautiful poetry, and the words remind me of my not so distant past.

    • Joel,
      I truly enjoy reading your work. I noted that your mood had shifted to longing. I don’t think it’s inappropriate to fall madly in love with anyone at any time. I am sorry your heart is hurting, but through your searching I see how deeply you felt through your heart songs. Thank you for being who you are. The world needs more of you.

      • JoelF says:

        I should be the one thanking you mare, you’re such a poetic writer with a kind and understanding heart. Don’t worry about me, i’m very much okay . Take Care and have a wonderful weekend ahead.

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