Spirit Tribe, I call you

When I first posted this and performed it at a Coffee House event, I had no idea what would happen. As it turned out, I discovered a world network of artists, poets, writers, creators, dreamers, flashlights, and people with the extraordinary power to transform lives.

Read through it to yourself. If you like the challenge, read it aloud to yourself, read it aloud to someone else, read it aloud in public. The purpose is to call out the creative people that hide behind canvases and pens. The idea is to flood your community with beauty, love, and compassion for fellow humans that also run on caffeine and spirit. Come, my tribe. Come join us. We don’t even require you to drink the Kool-Aid!

Mare Martell

Artist: Jenica "Hen" Fredrickson A member of my Spirit Tribe heeded my call. Artist: Jenica “Hen” Fredrickson
A member of my Spirit Tribe heeded my call.

Spirit Tribe, I call to you with the words of a starving human
I am greedy for your attention to my withering roots
Water me with your colors spilling freely
Reach out with your own inspiration
That is begging release from drought.
Wrap yourself in a wet paper towel
That offers just enough moisture for you
To find me clinging to the smallest sprinkle
Of disconnection from your creativity
From that bond that unites the visionaries
Because of our hidden tendencies to obscure
Our innermost desires to run naked
Through the streets covered in kaleidoscopes
Spirit Tribe, I beckon you forth from your dream-world
I am but a pool reduced to a drop, withering
Spring forth with your overflow to spread unhindered
Release your inhibitions so that you may find what you seek
Let me spill my…

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