Moving Day

My arms are full of boxes heavy with my heartfelt memories.

I look at the darkened windows that feel like a medical flat line

The front porch light that once greeted my arrival is turned off.

The driveway where my children created Michelangelo is barren

The study window from which I witnessed the drama of “Oak Tree Living”

Looks nakedly back at me without holding the allure it once did.

I turn my back to face a new adventure brought to me by U-Haul.

With teary resolution and no tag-backs, I whisper to the sunrise,

“Goodbye my lovely haven. Good day my place of rest.

Whomever crosses your threshold, may they be ever blessed.”

One comment on “Moving Day

  1. Linda Looney says:

    Moving from a couple of homes where I lived my entire childhood, where 18 years of chid raising took place and from where 3 of 5 spring boarded to new lives of their own, I feel all of those emotions in this piece. You have the knack of forcing emotions from my soul that I sometimes don’t realize are there. Well done.

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