New Moon

New Moon

New Moon

Will you come spiral a dance with me

without your shoes or dress

on the naked earth

with a smile and a blush

your only adornment

under the dark of the moon

or the lavender of twilight

gleaming highlights of stars

on the curve of your knees, hips, and breasts

while the lungs of summer exhale

its final breezy breaths

until the wheel has come full circle?

Will you surrender to the rhythm of night

embracing the cicadas and crickets

as the treble notes of the living dark

while the thumping of our feet on the dirt

rustle leaves like the skirts we puddled

at the edge of the clearing

where the last of the season’s fireflies

beg for a mate to relieve their lonely hearts

while we build momentum in the cooling air

wildly sacrificing modesty for our natural state of being.

2 comments on “New Moon

  1. Reblogged this on Mare Martell and commented:

    Although Spring has arrived, the Green Lady has awakened, and the cool days are preparing the earth for the blazing sun, I am lifted in spirit. This reminds me of moving through the darkness to seek the light while acknowledging the feelings that get lost there or denied. I hope you enjoy this repost.

  2. Linda Looney says:

    I can feel the breeze and the dance of moonbeams on the grass.


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