Holy Water


I have a Baptist church pitcher of holy water on my counter

I don’t know how many Sunday’s it witnessed

(Can I get an amen, brothers and sisters?!),

but I celebrate the holy water it gives and they gave me.

The preacher arrived bearing a coffee cup filled with good will

opening their church home to me with an invitation

I accepted.

I didn’t accept because they were giving me something

I did, wanting to find a church home, with loving heart

Sunday arrived as did the parishioner to cart me to redemption

There I sat in a church so big, cold, overly puritanical

The ceilings dripped chandeliers over the congregation

I sat through the service where the nice people smiled nicely

I sat through bible study which didn’t feel much like home

I hugged while exchanging pleasantries

with a half-promise to return and a Baptist pitcher in hand.

About a week later, the pastor, accompanied by a scary believer

showed up just in time to help unload my chicken coop.

We shared our views where we sent one another away in love.

But I think of them every Sunday when I nurture my plants

as well as every night when I set the coffee pot with holy water

Aprons mingle


When the aprons mingle, women clucking like hens

discussing ancestral wisdom from way back when

The ancestors live in gestured words

the matriarchal echoes of blood’s songbirds

Strum the butter pat to the rhythm of snipped beans

lower the babies down from the hips of Queens

biscuits on the table, floured dough, cut rounds

the mother’s mother’s hands knead risen dough down

No family recipes laid writ in tattered tomes

each muscle memory “how to” made the house a home.

Where the aprons mingle clucking women like the hens

granting the ancestral wisdom from times long spent

Oak Ridge BackYard Chickens (ORBY)

My friend Yarrow is an urban homesteader whom discovered to her dismay that the City of Oak Ridge, TN doesn’t allow hens within city limits. Although I don’t have an interest in raising chickens for food or otherwise, I love her so I’ve been helping her to make changes to the antiquated ordinances that make food sources illegal.

Her goal is to promote the legalization of urban chickens in Oak Ridge while educating the community about backyard chickens, urban agriculture, and local and homegrown food production. Self sufficiency shouldn’t be held as a illegal act.

Here are some of the posters that I designed and created for her to help inform the public of why they should support ORBY and the raising of hens for eggs within the city limits of Oak Ridge, TN.

Oak Ridge Backyard Chickens (ORBY)

Oak Ridge Backyard Chickens (ORBY)


Oak Ridge Backyard Chickens (ORBY)

Oak Ridge Backyard Chickens (ORBY)


Oak Ridge Backyard Chickens (ORBY)

Oak Ridge Backyard Chickens (ORBY)


Oak Ridge Backyard Chickens (ORBY)

Oak Ridge Backyard Chickens (ORBY)

You can buy shirts to support ORBY at: http://www.zazzle.com/orby_t_shirts-235221616256326199

Or you can: https://www.facebook.com/groups/409715552490322/