The Bread

Let me be the bread that rests within your belly

Offering you sustenance that gives you your life

Let me burst your knowledge with wisdom of a sensei

Pushing, pulling, tugging, grueling like a midwife

Let me pulse through your veins as a shibboleth

Quenching your thirst from emotionally arid plane

“Out, out brief candle”, quoting your enemy’s breath

Let me protect your soul, warm your hands again

When he left, he took:

professormcbeezleEvery one of my canvases and paints but not the colors

every light bulb in the house but not the light

every shade from the windows but not the curtains

every blanket from my beds but not the warmth

every canned good from my cupboards but not the bread

every animal from their house but not the pets

every gift he was ever given but he left empty handed

every hug and kiss sprinkled with praise but not the love

and I let him go because he asked with action not with word.