Re-Cycled Stop

Once I heard him lie

something broke inside

It never stopped long enough

For the wounds to scar enough

No trust left to abide.

Once he raised his fist up high

I was too scared to even try

I didn’t recognize my place

Or the rage upon his face

My secrets safe to hide.

Once he kept me from myself

Tucked up high upon the shelf

I kept on falling down

With horrid, crashing sounds.

I was nearly gone for good.

When I heard redemption’s voice

I discovered I had a choice

Not politeness silence made

While the bruises quickly fade

Not the giving till it hurts again

The counted markers of my sins

Seeking haven with a lie

Relinquish blame from blue/black skies

I chose my wings. I chose to fly

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One comment on “Re-Cycled Stop

  1. Linda Looney says:

    LOVE THIS!!! đź’• the pain is real, felt yet the strength to fly is also felt. Well done! Mom

    “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts,”

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