The crescent moon tilts slightly

against the indigo sky

through the shadows, I move spritely

with unbidden tears I cry

I trudge the road less traveled

My warmest sweater unraveled

So I shiver in the gath’ring storm,

grief overwhelming, I MUST mourn

As daylight breaks the night

I allow my feet quick purchase in the light

A haven ahead affords me rest

I am given respite at my behest

Home is where I’m going to be

If only my mem’ries weren’t in Tennessee.

2 comments on “Mem’ries

  1. ... says:

    Hearts may break,
    and hearts may mend,
    seen by few
    but truest friend.

    Keep yours safe
    and keep it near.
    shown scarce to one
    but one who’s dear.

  2. Joel F says:

    This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing this.

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