The reign of blood

The Reign of Blood extends to our Muslim brothers and sisters as much as it does to anyone vilified or made to feel less than worthy. United we stand is what we were taught when we were younger only to realize that we were lied to as an adult.

Mare Martell

Stop the Hate Stop the Hate

I ride with my brothers and sisters of all races and creeds;

To rear up their own steeds in unified protest;

To ride the momentum of waves of grief

Heeding the cries of mothers for their stricken children

Comforting tears of fathers for their lost legacy

We beg our inheritance returned from the barrels

Of the guns, drugs, and forced disintegration of segregation

Of caged familial relationships in the name of

Law enforcement in a police state.

Oh, Lady Justice! Raise your blindfold!

We beckon you to turn your marble eyes

Towards those who insult your intention!

We call out in solidarity for your scales

To balance the inequality that takes our skin

And uses it against our fellow Americans;

Our future! Our could-have-beens:

Strong leaders, bold teachers, smart cookies, fast learners,

Good parents, good people, good workers, good earners

Had they not been vilified by unjust…

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2 comments on “The reign of blood

  1. Richard says:

    off the topic but, are chickens allowed to be kept in the city limits of oak ridge?

    • No sir, they are not. The City of Oak Ridge does not allow any fowl or farm livestock within the city limits. This is being challenged by a group called Oak Ridge Back Yard Chickens or ORBY Chickens. You can find the group on Facebook.

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