The Power of No

She holds on to the bad memories

No room for the good

She holds on to the power of them

She’s misunderstood

She pilfers from the treasuries

Nothing is her fault

Slicing her body that he condemned

Each wound she exalts

She is good at making simple things

much more than they are.

Her pain is offered as a cursed gem

She, a self-saboteur

Sympathy is the power she sings

like a siren’s song

A toddler’s tantrum screeching for Mom

false beauty versed wrong

She puts fear into what no means

Fear is all she knows

she is empty of empathy

she yearns for sympathy

see how far she’ll go

tearing down all her hopes and dreams

all her confidence and self esteem

anything she sees good in her life

what happened?

well, she said no.

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