NaPoWriMo: Day 30, carte blanche

Dear Universe

I sit here in my PJ’s with tear stained cheeks

I wonder out loud after I got kicked again

If maybe you’d forgotten me

If there was a reason you took my best friend.

Hold on, I have to blow my nose once more

I yelled at you because you took him away

My heart is still grieving, I continue to mourn

So if you don’t mind, I’ll cry, okay?

Oh, while you’re at it, thanks for halting that career

The one I needed to stave off poverty

So we could make it through the year?

That one that would really have been good for me?

Be patient because I don’t think I’m done hurting

I know you’re sending me the big guns, tomorrow

What real issues are we skirting?

Will they be able to help me ease my grief and sorrow?

I’ll trust in you even though I’m struggling to believe

Because I’m seeing so many people who are suffering like me

Because I hear their voices crying out in riots, beds, and songs

Because I know that you can hear them, please come right the wrongs.

This world is getting harder with each day that goes by

And I’m having trouble talking to my ceiling or looking to the sky

But I’ll believe because I know that you’ve graced me in many ways

But for now, I’ll sit here crying, eating chips while sobbing in my old PJ’s. NaPoWriMo

8 comments on “NaPoWriMo: Day 30, carte blanche

  1. […] Gary Buckets is asleep in the picture, not dead. I wouldn’t do that to you. […]

  2. This page is phenomenal! You are a true SHERO!!!!

  3. We are feeling not just our pain and grief, but that of the world, as well. To be writers, we are by our very nature, empaths. Keep writing. Demand of the Universe your due!

    • I really enjoy reading your work Touch. I hope you’ll continue to push the letters around for a while more. I know you said you were rusty, but I believe they are perched appropriately again.

  4. Elena says:

    Well, you just gave the universe something to think about. Let it out, let it out, let it out. Write.

  5. Linda Looney says:

    Heart wrenching honesty. Grieve, but not too long -you will be able to pick up the pieces in a while.

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