NaPoWriMo: The Birth of Your Art



Lady Cathy Gritter took me into her church

near her garden door that led only outward.

It had nine panes of stained glass

that guarded the treasures within the hall.

On the pristine white shelves

is where she stored centuries of art,

a sacramental archive of holiness.

I’d enter her church through the side door

withering looks from her husband William

glared resentment at my childish intrusion

I scooted sinfully through to gaze with adoration

at the hallowed scriptures

blessed gospels of

van Gogh, Picasso, de Vinci, Kahlo

offering sermons of:

Sunflowers, Girl Before a Mirror, Mona Lisa, and Weeping Coconuts.

I was allowed to peer into the eyes of holy angels

upon my confessional return of each holy grail.



9 comments on “NaPoWriMo: The Birth of Your Art

  1. B.R.Marsten says:

    Visual and pretty. A very well written piece. Going back for another read…

  2. This is a feast of imagery and symbolism. This line, in particular, made me sigh with delight: “a sacramental archive of holiness.” You can see and feel the speaker’s awe, and her emotions are contagious.

  3. Jane K says:

    Beautiful imagery, books can indeed take us to new worlds of art. Through books we can transcend time and travel the world through whole centuries of history.

  4. Linda Looney says:

    It was the Gritters.

    “Love as God loves and live as Jesus lived” Rev. Tim TenClay


  5. Elena says:

    Nice Imagery.

  6. Rommy says:

    Viewing beautiful art can be a very religious experience!

    • I was ten when I started going to her house to retrieve the art books. She’d also share her National Geographic Magazines with me when she was done reading them. I was transported each time she took me around the world via books.

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