Beautiful Uptown

It wasn’t the blur of her leopard print skirt

Or the lower East side blaring taxi yellow sweater,

I was crucified by the intensity of her regal features

As they nailed me with their direct stare

Through chocolate colored eyes that blinked

Like hammers

Their inquisitive, yet dismissive, questions


I looked away, ashamed to have imposed on her space.

One comment on “Beautiful Uptown

  1. This was inspired by a photo taken by New York photographer Adrian Buckmaster. I saw the picture and I couldn’t help but write the poem. His work is astoundingly beautiful to me. Each one is, and truthfully I never thought of photographs like this, works of art. Yes, I’ve admired fine photos and I’ve appreciated the beauty of them, but…his work is…Yeah, it’s pretty much my favorite because each one screams of beauty.

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