The un-Magic wand

I'd use my magic wand to wipe away your tears and I wouldn't poke you in the eye either.

I’d use my magic wand to wipe away your tears and I wouldn’t poke you in the eye either.

I wish I could ease your suffering, your pain, your mourning,
Your torment, your misery, your carnage, your still-borning
Your aches, your troubles, your sorrows, your grief,
Your concerns, your tragedies, your anger, your disbelief,
Your frustrations, your mistrust, your anguish, your maledictions,
Your depression, your illness, your sorrows, your rejections,
Your distress, your worries, your hardship, your fears
Your losses, your injuries, your silence, your tears.
But I can’t.
I could offer you platitudes end upon end
“I understand.”
“I’ve been there.”
“It’ll be all right, man.”
But I won’t and it won’t. Not now.
I could hug you tightly and stroke your hair.
“It’s okay.”
“You’ll get through it.”
“I’m not going anywhere.”
But I’d be a liar, not your emotional crutch
You’re contagious to me when you hurt that much.
I can only be me holding true to the end
“Do you need a lift up?”
“Need to talk?”
“I’m your friend.”
And that is what it is
As a matter of fact
“I’m here.” I say
And I won’t change that.

One comment on “The un-Magic wand

  1. Nancy McCord says:

    thank you Mare. You are so sweet and compassionate. I wish someone could help but only time can do that. My well tuned sense of feelings always tells me when to or when not to. I am hanging a few pictures each day and sleeping whenever I feel like it. I treated myself to some fried chicken and a watermelon and I’ve been eating it the last few days. Phoenix keeps me company. Having her for company is wonderful. I love the peace and quiet here. It was just in time. I never forget you and so many others from church. How lucky I am! Just remember to love the ones you love every moment, because none of them will last forever. I am so glad I gave Larry all of my love for every breath I took. We had true love. So many never understand it or find it in their life. Under the most horrific conditions, we found each other.

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