My body probably won’t travel far.

I doubt I’ll dance among the stars

But, OH! The places that I dream to go.

I want to see New Years enter into Times Square

Eat cotton candy at the Iowa State Fair

I want to flash my boobs and earn my beads

for Mardis Gras in New Orleans

I want to experience Easter in Israel

 to visit London where the tower fell.

I want to drink a pint in a pub in Dublin

then head towards Venice with building crumblin’

I want to hear mass in Vatican City

to eat bread and cheese in Switzerland’s alps; pretty

I want to smoke a fatty while in Jamaica

head “Down Under” for some Sydney, Australia

I want Fourth of July in Washington, D.C.

then a week’s vacation in the Florida Keys.

To travel these places would make my heart sing

If I dream hard enough, I can imagine anything.

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