These Are My People: Dawn Brinn

Together We Pray

Together We Pray

With uncomfortable self-proclaimed oddness
Brought together by a mutual willingness to share
Our hands in accommodating service to others
Building faith in unison like reciting The Lord’s Prayer
She with her beliefs in Jesus and in God
Me with my beliefs, an eclectic mixture of odd
But somehow we see each other with our many flaws
Forgiving each other’s awkwardness, overlooking social faux pas.
Although we are but humans, our spirits intertwine
With whispered prayers for one another, based in the Divine.

One comment on “These Are My People: Dawn Brinn

  1. Dawn Marie Brinn says:

    I like not having to feel awkward with you. You give me the freedom to not have to say the “right or correct christian terminology” which most of the time is man enforced not God demanded.

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