I am all yours

Go ahead and take

everything that you want

You can do anything

that you want to me

I am all yours

Be the one who is

everything that I need

I’ll give you anything

that you want, my love

I am all yours

Understand that I promise you

whatever you ask of me

I can’t go back to then

when we fought so hard

when we nearly lost our we

Take my hand and I’ll give you

peace of mind trusting us

Together we’ll move on

forward through our life

breaking the world for us

The Keeper of My Haven

I am the duality embodied in singularity.

The High Priestess and the acolyte.

The washer-woman and the dirty clothes.

The chef and the enthusiastic diner.

The adventurer and the hearth-keeper.

The activist and the apathy.

The zany jester and the serious scholar.

The student and the teacher.

I am the spirit that soars and the feet on the earth.

The divinity and the faulted.

The believer and the doubter.

The questioner and the answer.

The dreamer and the dream.

The acceptor and the challenger.

The debtor and the owed.

I am the courageous and the coward.

The healer and the injured.

The betrayed and the betrayer.

The loyalist and the sneak-thief.

The promise and the impossibility.

I am the locker of doors and the opener of windows.

I am the Keeper of my haven.