Apotheosize: Miss Marge Swenson

The treasure of over a century has turned to sand

Once the breath of worship in each day

Passed through the veil of eternity

Immortality granted by those who loved,

those who love, and those who accepted

her communion of intimacy

with her flesh and blood embraces

that changed hearts with the purity of devotion.

A blown kiss of “I love you”,

The tender warmth of her beloved family

wishing her continued journey of exploration

into a place not known to the living

Her legacy resounds a radiant reminder

of a profound truth in faith, love, and family

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One comment on “Apotheosize: Miss Marge Swenson

  1. Linda Looney says:

    Beautiful ode to a very good woman! I didn’t know her in person, but in speaking with her, I knew she was a gem!

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