Not enough done

As the murk of the world alights.

It is incongruous with the vision

of love and compassion

There is no home for clemency

while being force-fed antiquated beliefs

in systems used to afflict, oppress,

and suppress our brethren;


The systematic elimination

of our individual humanity

collectively erodes our sense of security.

The world is no longer unmolested.


encouraged to be paranoid of one another,

we attempt to find a balance.

We’re not meant to.

It is a violation of the power dynamic

Unity is the only recourse.

Shoulder to shoulder

deconstructing the industrial

slave trade one tyranny at a time

Refusing less than our significance

our value

our basic human needs being met.

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One comment on “Not enough done

  1. loonmom says:

    WOW!!!! You need to get this one out into the public!! It’s terrific!! And sadly, so true! Mom

    (She,her, hers) Be the change you wish to see in the world.—Gandhi Sent from my iPhone


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