In a conversation I had with my mother, Linda Looney, I noticed a repeated pattern, often punctuated with a tsk, or, and, in addition to her favorite “So…Anyways…” Here is what it sounds like to listen to my mom. This is primarily jotted notes of how she speaks. This is merely the art of her rhythm Used with her permission.


pay the bills

wait to die


You can count on change

but fer sure


death and taxes

(Describing a trip to Missouri)

like dogs down the highway

heads out the window

Just trying to catch a chill.

You know…So…Anyways

Oh God!

What a hellish year

instead of crap going on

why can’t we have peace

I’m smirking like the Grinch

That’s about correct.

I guess.


“Ma, I’m gonna let you go. I love you.”

“I love you too, dear daughter.”

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