Faded capes

I’m choking on my lack of


Concerned about being worthy

Of being remembered beyond my chronology

Stuck in the rut of pointless regrets

Clawing at the self deprecation

As if self loathing is as critical as a mosquito bite

Or as crucial as picnic potato salad

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2 comments on “Faded capes

  1. Manderley says:

    I love you. I cannot imagine anyone forgetting you. Your legacy is already an open giving spirit that ignores no one. Your legacy is unconditional love for all beings. Your legacy is gentle giddy giggling spirit, foolish frolicking–in the best possible sense of frolicking, wild well crafted wordsmithing–awash with witty wonderings. You are the humanest human I know. My greatest wish would be to study and commune with you in words and art and coffee (even though I don’t drink coffee. ❤

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