On Easter, as a child,

I’d get strapped into conformity

To behave better than any other day

Because Jesus woke up from the dead

To make sure i presented pristine in white

Married to seasonal forgiveness

Hailing the rituals of ages old debt to the earth

Celebrating without sin; with damnation refused

Awaiting Beltane’s lustful repose to greet the blending turn

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2 comments on “Eostre

  1. Linda Looney says:

    My goodness, do you really feel you were forced into the rituals we filled at church on Easter? We didn’t talk much about sin so this bothers me. I’m a bit taken aback at this piece if this is really how you view Easter as a child! Love you, Mom

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    • Mom,
      Step back, take a breath, close your eyes and remove you from my poem. Read it as if you were me. This is about societal expectations pressured into children by traditions so old they’re practically pagan. This is about realization of the hypocrisy of life in death. And it’s not a punch at your beliefs as much as it questions the older obligation

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