Crap from Walfart

​Hey Mister! Let me give you my dollar so I can feed my family the sewage you sell under the guise of low prices.

I don’t know that forcing entire families in other countries to work for peanuts to produce the shit you’re hawking is a low price.

I’m pretty sure that when your employees hold food drives for one another because even they can’t afford your manure, is a low price.

I don’t mean to sound contrary, but hearing your employees stories on gofundme pages while they die in your aisles is not conducive to low prices.

I congratulate you on selling the American dream, made in Afghanistan, Bangladesh  or China, from behind the smoke and mirrors. They don’t even realize they are the goods you’re selling off to the lowest bidder. That takes marketing skills to peddle that crapola.

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One comment on “Crap from Walfart

  1. Linda Looney says:

    Wow! My sentiments exactly, but I don’t have the guts to state it like you did! Kudos!


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