Homogenized television

“We ARE that change, together; me and you.”
I finished this observation with this phrase. I want to share this again because South Carolina’s Governor is abusing her office in the name of one way or no way. It’s shameful that in this time of transition in our lives, in our communities, in our country, and in the world that nobody is standing up and saying STOP!

Ladies, Gentlemen, and anyone else of reasonable mind, WE are those people whom must stand against the ridiculous oppression of our brothers and sisters no matter whether you’re for them or not. It’s not for you to judge, it’s for you to love.

Before you think, “Yeah, but you’re judging her.” I am not. I’m questioning her motives, her vision for the entire state of South Carolina, and her disregard of the rights of citizens that live in that state that are granted by the United States Constitution, the Constitution of the state of South Carolina, and the right as a human being to be who they are as it harms no other. She is doing harm. I am calling her on it.

Mare Martell

At the store we stopped by on our way to my Mama-in-law’s, I saw a diverse snapshot of people. An inter-racial gay couple who were both very tall, an Italian mother and her daughter, a few white employees, a mixture of humans milling about the aisles selecting last minute purchases for their Thanksgiving feasts. Every person I saw greeted me with smiles and warm wishes which I firmly returned to them. I felt so alive with happiness that I wished I could hug everyone I saw. I even commented this to Ben (my husband) as we got into our car and finished our journey. I felt amazing.

My beautiful in-laws are avid fans of local station news/sports/weather and keep the litany in the background all day long. The same newscast at noon gets a tad of refresher before being the 6 o’clock news and then the 11PM news. In between…

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