The Angels That Visit

Even angels sin sometimes.

Even angels sin sometimes.

I was in desperate need, down to ten cents in the bank

I cried out in exasperation, forgetting to give thanks.

“WHY?” I begged the Universe with tears upon my cheeks.

“Have I not been obedient to everything you’ve asked of me?

Have I not gone out in frigid cold to bring the hungry food?

Have I not given coats to those without warmth? Their heat absent for good?

Did I do as you commanded and taken in sick and ill?

Did I thank you ever day for the warmth of my home and not the chill?

Have I not attended you faithfully in conversations we’ve had?

Have I not given everything you’ve asked with a happy heart not sad?

But I stand here on this physical plane with physical needs, my friend.

The debts they keep accumulating, I need some means to an end.”

I was mad enough to be yelling. I was hurt that my peace was denied

While it seemed granted to everyone else wherever I was sent to abide.

I went to sleep that evening, there was only one thought in my head

“I’m still grateful for the comfortable home and a comfy snuggly bed.”

I dreamed.

Over seven days and seven nights, something happened I didn’t foresee.

Thirteen angels showed up at my door bringing things that filled my needs.

Some brought cash, some brought food, and some brought trinkety things

But as each angel crossed my threshold, not a one of them had wings.

Instead they had on meat suits, just like the one I wear

They had gray, black, blonde, red, and even multicolored hair.

They helped me ease my burdened mind, to show me I’d been heard

And into their arms I gratefully wept, though my vision remained clear not blurred

For every angel that came to me, there’s a secret that we share

It’s that love is all around us, if we but ask for it in prayer.

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One comment on “The Angels That Visit

  1. Linda Looney says:

    Wonderful!!!!! Mom

    “Love as God loves and live as Jesus lived” Rev. Tim TenClay


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