The heated battle

Oh the joys of discovering things tucked in the attic. How many of you are battling with what brings you the deepest satisfaction vs. what will keep you afloat financially? How many of you are struggling to manifest the artful life you know in your soul you’re destined to live while sacrificing that part of you for the sake of a 9 to 5? It took me a long time to realize that some of us aren’t meant for a dependable life, we’re meant to live like fireworks flashing glorious in the darkness, allowing others to ooo and ahhhh in appreciation. We’re born to remember where our ancient selves were formed, among the stars with accidental cohesion to this rock. We stumble around lost and abbreviated, but once that lamp gets rubbed to polish, we can’t put the genie back into the bottle. Since I wrote this, I’ve realized the Universe was trying to explain what it is to trust myself. I get it now, and man, what a ride it’s becoming. I am cresting the first hill on my roller coaster. Watch out world! You’re about to see an incredible show!

Mare Martell

I am currently in a heated argument with the Universe. I am being sent omen after omen telling me to trust who I am and my vision for the future. However, trusting that hasn’t paid my bills in the past, although I’ve never wanted for anything and my heart has been happy, my husband has made many sacrifices for me to do that. We can’t afford me to say the words the Universe wants to hear.

How can I trust that what is in my heart is right? How can I let go of the need to pay rent, put food on the table, have internet service, and maintain my lifestyle. I don’t own a lot of stuff (except weird hats and odd eclectic clothes), but I like what I have including the less than stellar accommodations’ location.

I hear the Universe pulsing in my veins like a driving song…

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