Goodbye Again, Persephone: Advice from an Autumn Leaf

Temple of Anjana

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As I sit watching the wheels of nature turn, I wonder what advice the leaves would give me if they could tell their life stories.

I’ve seen them grow on what appeared to be desolate deadened trees, blossoming into their spring and summer finery, surrendering the first flush of green with orange, red, and yellows. Then, they gracefully drift on the winds of the changing seasons to carpet the ground with rustling tapestries. They speak to us in their ancient tongues. We can hear them when we listen.

Be Unafraid to Bloom.

In the beginning, the start of any project, there is darkness. There is a point where we don’t know and we don’t understand. We wonder what if? Will the risk we’re about to become engaged to grow or will it whither? We don’t know, but we can hope. We take the idea that needs great care…

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One comment on “Goodbye Again, Persephone: Advice from an Autumn Leaf

  1. Linda Looney says:

    This piece brings up a lot of emotions for me. It’s a life story metaphor for my own. Just very moving for me to read. Love how you can use words to evoke so much from my soul! Love you, daughter, Mom


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