A Prayer For Humanity

Temple of Anjana

{Source: windling.typepad.com} {Source: windling.typepad.com}


Bless my home and my family wherever our journeys wander. To bring prosperity and comfort to our daily lives, I believe with everything I am that I am at peace with my spark of divinity that has passed generation to generation through my ancestors.

I believe that I am strong enough to accept my passion as my way of life, to build others up to where they understand their own gifts given to them in the name of humanity. I ask for the blessings to flow equally out and into our home. What we receive, let us give as much in return. Provide a place for us, oh Spirits, to rest amongst the chaos. Let our Spirits commune in holy prayer towards one another. Let our judgement not be clouded by emotion, but by practicality, not without compassion. I pray that intolerance towards my way of life…

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