Witness to You

I, but a casual name to your kin,

will hold you truly and dearly,

cherish deeply the breaths

between ideas, ideologies, and emotions

that I have been honored to share with you.

With the reverence afforded a blessing

I will weep for the absence

of your knowledge

severed by inevitable occasion

Master to servant

Teacher to student

Friendship entertained

with portions communal

A time of Kairos inspected.

The right, critical, or opportune moment

To bring witness and testimony of your spirit

To the level of intimacy you’ve granted.

I will be your witness.

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One comment on “Witness to You

  1. loonmom says:

    This is beautiful, my daughter. I envy your ability to write these various works. Mom

    (She,her, hers) Be the change you wish to see in the world.—Gandhi Sent from my iPhone


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